Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dallas Cowboys to ceremonially sacrifice punter

Ever since the tragic death of safety Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskins have been playing inspired football that has taken them on a 4 game winning streak culminating in a 27-6 drubbing of the Dallas Cowboys and qualification for the playoffs. Meanwhile the Cowboys have been in something of a slump, playing with little passion or energy.

Noting that Redskins players and coaches have been quick to attribute their success to their "guardian angel" Taylor looking down from on high, Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips announced Monday that the team had decided to shoot the punter. "We need the kind of help that the Redskins are getting", said Phillips at a news conference, "and punters are a dime a dozen."

If the idea works for the Cowboys, look for this new tactic to be quickly imitated across the league. Some clubs may be looking for sacrificial victims in the late rounds of this year's draft, while others will see it as an attractive alternative to placing players on Injured Reserve. Wide receivers who break a leg on the field of play may be shot where they lay rather than carted off and rehabbed, but this is subject to agreement with the television networks and the players' union.

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