Monday, May 18, 2009

New Social Networking Sites

I think I've identified a handful of opportunities in the crowded social networking landscape:

  • the only online dating site that openly admits that most people are more interested in biology than chemistry. Lying about your identity and interests is actively encouraged.

  • if you're ashamed at the lack of activity and updates from friends on your Facebook page, this site can help. Just "friend" a handful of the fake profiles from the hundreds of thousands on offer, and pretty soon the invitations, photos, and funny messages posted from your new "friends" will make you the envy of all your real friends -- assuming you have any, of course. And in case you're wondering where we got the data for all those fake profiles: Remember that "25 Things About Me" meme that was going around? Exactly.

  • ADate: Jews have JDate to meet people with a similar religious and cultural background. It's about time somebody did something similar for the Amish. This is an enormous untapped opportunity: there are over a quarter of a million Amish in the USA and Canada, and not a single website caters to their social interests!

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