Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Help for the homeless

Around this time of year my thoughts always turn to the plight of the homeless. Walk through any downtown and you will see them standing or shuffling around, often dishevelled and dirty, the worst off of them mumbling incoherently to themselves.

The solution: put them on a bus to the nearest international airport. Once there they can mingle with business people arriving from international flights as they stagger around the concourse bleary-eyed and unwashed in their crumpled suits and creased shirts. And once the arriving passengers fire up their bluetooth headsets, you won't even be able to distinguish the homeless mumblers from the cordless callers.

Once the traditional holiday season overbookings and flight cancellations begin, the homeless will be able to wander aimlessly around the terminal carrying all their possessions in plastic shopping bags, sleep on the benches, and wash up in the restrooms without looking out of place, and the assimilation will be complete.

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