Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to Socialist America

When I dropped my son at daycare this morning, there was a TSA flunky at the door demanding to see proof of health insurance before allowing us in. When I got home, I found a letter from Social Security informing me that I would qualify for full benefits at age 65 and death panel evaluation at 75. I felt so sick I called my doctor for an appointment, but the receptionist told me that all scheduling was now being done through my congressman's office -- and since my district elected a Republican, there would be no funds for healthcare here anyway.

Oh, wait -- none of that happened. It turns out that the Republican party have been lying their collective asses off all this time! Who knew?

Anyway, now that the Republican strategy of total stonewalling has failed and the old status quo is no longer an option, is there any chance that they will start behaving like a responsible opposition and actually engage in the process so that we can continue reform without having to buy off the Democratic congressmen most willing to play "chicken" with Pelosi? Or will they continue with their impersonation of a spoiled four year old holding his breath until he gets his way?

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