Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So much better than the alternative

Computer failure at United prevents takeoffs. But the funny part is this quote from a spokeswoman:

>Planes airborne during the breakdown were allowed to keep flying, she said.

That's a great relief, but I'm not entirely clear what the alternative would have been?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rob the Mobster

My young son loves the TV show "Bob the Builder"... but you never hear much about Bob's unsavory brother, Rob the Mobster. Fortunately, Rob now has his own TV show in which Rob and his gang of machines have all kinds of fun while teaching children important real world lessons. Its a kind of "Bob the Builder meets the Sopranos" concept. Upcoming episodes include:

Fixing the fence: When Rob discovers that his fence has been ripping him off, the gang take him down to the docks and "fix him up".

Cutting the grass. Somebody has been grassing out Rob's operation to the cops. When Rob finds out who it is, he takes him out back and cuts him up a treat.

Mixing the concrete: Rob borrows his brother Bob's cement mixer to pour a foundation for a highway overpass, while the rest of the gang try to guess who will be buried in it.

Expect to see Rob the Mobster debuting on TV this summer.