Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Fractal Bathroom

A friend of mine who has done very well for himself (the old fashioned way, I should add: being smart, working hard, and taking risks on his own good ideas) is selling his large house. I happened to notice the listing in a magazine that specializes in local things I can't afford (I think its called Elan, but frankly they should just rename it Envy) and apparently he has 5.55 bathrooms.

My first reaction was that in all the times I've visited his house I don't think I ever noticed that .05 of a bathroom. Then I thought, wait, this is the man who has everything -- he probably has a fractal bathroom somewhere in the basement, and in reality he has 5.55555... bathrooms, but the magazine insisted in truncating it to 2 decimal places.

The big problem with a fractal bathroom, of course, is that it takes forever to paint. Even though it encloses a finite volume, the walls have infinite surface area...

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