Sunday, November 12, 2006

Animals facing extinction: please help

Some of nature's most noble animals are facing extinction. You can help simply by refusing to buy products made from their skins. Without customers, hunters will leave these precious natural specimens alone. The three that I'm most worried about right now are:

-- The silver arctic faux. Somehow it's become acceptable, even among the fur-conscious, to wear faux fur, and many people never even stop to ask themselves where faux fur comes from. The answer, of course, is the artic faux. Act now: ban faux fur before its too late for the silver artic faux.

-- The nauga. Naugas, hunted for their naugahides, almost went extinct once before in the 1930s and are now so rarely seen that some specialists think it may already be too late to save them.

-- The fake leopard. Now so rare that its pelt has become too expensive for anything but shoes, fake leopard coats change hands for ridiculous sums in vintage clothing stores.

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