Saturday, May 05, 2007

World's Worst Job?

The worst job in the world has got to be being No. 2 for Al Qaeda. I don't even know what the job description is, but most jobholders don't last long enough to find out. It seems like every other day, the US armed forces are capturing or killing No. 2 somewhere in the world. The conversations in Al Qaeda's HR department must be going something like this by now:

-- "Hey, No. 7! We have a great promotion opportunity for you! Corner office, chauffered limo, big pay raise."
-- "What's the catch?"
-- "We need a new No. 2. The last one just got captured."
-- "Uh, no thanks. I, uh, I'm only good at the odd-numbered jobs. Try No. 8."

In fact, if Al Qaeda was smart they'd just leave the job vacant and delegate the duties to No. 3. After all, you never see a news story about No. 3 getting taken out.

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