Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Thought About Star Wars

I just watched Phantom Menace for the first time (you know something's wrong when your five-year old son points out the plot holes...) and the abiding thought I am left with is this:

In a galaxy advanced enough to have mastered interstellar travel, every spaceship apparently requires narrow walkways that cross over deep pits. And across all the thousands of populated planets and civilizations and sentient species... nobody has invented the "handrail".

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KenDude said...

I don't which is scarier, that your son is pointing out the plot holes or that you waited to see this movie for over a decade since it came out. Since I was one of those nerds who saw it before it came out (catch the movie Fanboys sometime for a good Star Wars / Star Trek fan parody) I am trying to figure out which ship(s) you are referring to. The cruiser in the opening scene you only see the cockpit interior, star destroyers weren't in Ep1, are you perhaps talking about the power station where they fight Darth Maul at the end of the movie? Anyway, I have your answer for you. Jedi don't need handrails and it is good for the Jedi to be saving those who fall off without handrails as it promotes the positive image of the Jedi. The senate tried to vote them in, but as you can see from their flying saucer hover pads in the senate that was never going to "fly"... :)

Hope all is well with you Carl! Are you still at IBM?